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Top 7 Worst Drones 2016-2017




worst drones

Drones are cool! That seems to be the #1 motivation and inspiration for companies that create strange, useless and overall questionable  toys drones. So today we will be talking about the worst drones that we have seen so far. Basically drones are, of course, the future as there is a lot of money in this technology. It is currently one of the hottest items out there. The problem is some companies don’t even understand what consumers really need. It is more of a push which ultimately end up in poor research and over inflate the value of what really comes down to a low end “high-tech” toy. There are so many drone companies that have appeared on the marketplace for the last few years. But you probably have never heard about 90% of them. Yes, there is nothing wrong about being new on a drone market, but the ridiculousness of some drones really inspired us to create this list. 

The Worst Drones 2016-2017:

1. Hover Camera

Hover Camera drone

The Hover Camera is actually not too bad for a toy. But for the $600, it costs like a real drone and that is why it got in the list of the worst drones today. It’s overvalued and has got some stiff competition. The Phantom 3 Standard cost only $399 and Phantom 3 Advanced $698. What is so special about the Hover camera that puts it in the same price range as Phantoms? Is it: 

  • Better software -No
  • Better camera -No
  • Gimbal -No
  • Ultralight, super durable, innovative, unbelievably cool carbon fiber protection grill -Yes
  • Flight Range -No
  • Remote controller -No
  • Portability -Yes
  • Twice as short flight time -Yes

Seriously, how did they come up with this price?

2. Underwater drone 

Well, first thing to know is that it’s not designed to fly. It’s essentially a small submarine that dives under the water and can be controlled on the shoreline or from a boat. Sounds cool, but how did it get on our list of Worst Drones of 2016-2017? For one thing, it was a marketing faux pas. Fishermen were targeted as a machine used to fish.

And certainly, this product was not created by the real fisherman. An obvious blunder not considered is the fish would swim away from rather big and angry submarine with buzzing motors. Another gimmick creates a lot of buzz, but not making a revolution at all. 

3. Walkera Voyager 3 

worst drones

Is any explanation really required? Not really, as it’s a bold DJI Inspire 1 knock-off. It is a bit cheaper than the original Inspire, but the quality, camera, stabilization and flight performance is not even close to the original product.  Walkera is actually well known knock-off maker that recently demonstrated a fake Mavic Pro drone at CES 2017.

4.  Air Cleaner Drone

Put some Velcro and fabric on top of the Parrot Bebop and you will get an “innovative, useful, creative, and high-tech” way to clean the air inside the room. Special fabric will attract parts of dust and the airflow from the propellers will help to collect more dust particles. Just another ridiculous thing, that is even hard to call a product. Worst drones list is the best place for it to be.

air cleaner drone (worst drones)

5. Lily Drone

The much hyped Lily drone has been holding $32M that belong to the customers for 3 years and never delivered the product. Finally this year they announced that they all customers who have pre-ordered the product will be refunded.  Lily certainly has earned not the best reputation for last 3 years. 

Lily drone

6. GoPro Karma 

Some sympathy can go to Go Pro for the Karma. The portable action camera company has more recently gone through a rough patch as sales have fallen into a slump. The Karma was their comeback kid but bad planning and technical issues has caused a massive recall and proved to be unreliable. The  The company hasn’t put out a newer version of the Karma for CES 2017 in Las Vegas but there is a chance that Karma will come back with the new features. But will GoPro show a new Karma 2 any time soon is a question. 

GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma / Photo by Techcrunch

7. Phone Case Drone

Seriously, what is this- a $99 phone case that will turn your sleek Samsung Galaxy into the bulky brick? Sure this case can fly and take 8MP pictures (of the suspicious quality). Its maximum flight time is 5 minutes on a single charge. Is that what we suppose to call high tech?

Thank you for reading!



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