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Russian Bank Plans To Deliver Cash With Drones




Delivering cash with drones featured

One of the biggest and influential banks in Russia, Sberbank has announced that they have plans on delivering cash with drones between the branches. Its deputy chairman Stanislav Kuznetsov told business daily Vedomosti that Sberbank hopes to start running drone delivery in the Kazan, Tatarstan. He also mentioned that they might use it not only for the cash delivery but also for other purposes. However, there are a lot of restrictions related to this kind of operations as well as the difficulties of the whole drone industry facing government’s regulations. But as Kuznetsov mentioned he is willing to go through these complications and work on these issues with government officials.sberbank delivering money droneWhat is interesting about these kinds of gimmicks is the fact that the real drone delivery is not fully operating anywhere in the world yet, due to the lack of aerial and ground infrastructures and law limitations. Amazon has been innovating a lot in this area, though the whole system is still quite raw. But Russian bank is already planning on delivering cash with drones. Well, Russia is of course not as digitalised as United States, Europe or China, so there is still a vast majority of the purchases are made with cash. But will the money carrying drones develop faster than digital money is surely a big a question.

Overall the money flying from point A to point B is a great idea, but handing nets, or shooting drone with cash down (with AK-47) idea is even greater. This news are causing mode questions than answers that Sberbank doesn’t know how to handle yet. Only time will show if there will be any drones delivering cash in Russia, and if yes, how is it going to work.
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