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GoPro Recalling Karma – The Beginning of The End




GoPro Karma

The news about GoPro recalling Karma drone  are spreading extremely quick. The first drone made by gopro leaving the market after two weeks of sales. As GoPro reported all the units they sold since October 23rd have issues with power distribution system and may suddenly fall from the sky in any moment. All 2500 units can be returned directly to gopro or to the place you purchased it.  GoPro recalling Karma drone will lead a huge loss for the company. Just few days ago GoPro reported a 20% loss for Q3 and said that Karma and Hero 5 is their hope return to profitability next year.

Gopro recalling karma

Now, all GoPro can rely on is Hero 5 and session 5 cameras. From other point of views GoPro might say that they recalling Karma due to the technical issues just to pull it out from the market. Nick Woodman is a smart man and looking at all recent GoPro vs. Mavic comparisons he realized that there is no need to bother with this product and it’s better to stop production now and save some money for better projects. However it’s only authors personal opinion.

Drone industry is very unpredictable. Stay tuned and you will not miss any drone news, reviews and comparisons.


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