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Drone Advertising May Be The Future




Drone Advertising 2019 featured image

Drone advertising may be the future. This has been made possible with the invention of a drone that can emit spherical images from its frame. The drone advertising idea is a concept, but the sphere drone is still a working prototype. This was initially made for an upcoming Japanese festival, but advertisements can be a huge potential for this drone. Just take a look for yourself at this Youtube video:

Who Made This Drone Advertising Device?

NTT DOCOMO, or Japan’s largest telecommunications company, has created this spherical drone. They are known to serve 73 million customers with wireless networks, LTE, and other mobile services. This company definitely has the means to fund research and development for their sphere drone.

What Is It Made Out Of?

This drone has a spherical frame on the outermost layer. Inside the drone is an internal LED frame which has eight curved LED strips. The drone inside operates on four main horizontal propellers like any other consumer drone today, but there seem to be two additional vertical propellers attached to the lower part of the arms.

drone advertising

How Does It Emit Images?

The internal LED frame spins at 3 times a second while the drone flies, so the images that everyone sees is actually from the light trails. This technology can commonly be found in USB light clocks that spin fast and create clock images. The images that it can project were measured to about 75cm in diameter, so letters and videos can work with this drone.

USB Light Clocks are Technologically Similar

When Will Drone Advertising Be Available?

This drone is projected to be available by March of 2019.

What Is The Weight?

The drone advertising device weights 3.5 kilograms or about 7.7 lbs.

Drone Advertising 2019

How Much Has NTT DOCOMO Invested In R&D?

Currently, the company has spent over 10 million yen in research in development. That is about $91,700 USD.

Where Can We Expect Drone Advertising?

This drone will be made primarily for large events. Stadiums, concert halls, or any other large crowd gathering functions will be this drone’s main target. The design of this drone is made to be used indoors and outdoors. Any entertainment venue will be ideal for this drone to advertise programmable images and videos.

Drone Advertising

Is This The Future?

Flying advertisements might be closer than you think. The Superbowl already showcased a drone light show last February, so this idea is not too far-fetched. If this actually becomes commercialized, then it’ll be another reason for the drone industry to grow.


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