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5 Reasons Why Drone Spying Rumors Must Die




Drone spying

Having a drone can be an exhilarating experience. Learning where to fly it can be problematic if you live in a big city and don’t have your own property. We have all seen the videos of drone pilots getting yelled at, harassed and threatened with physical violence because of loss of privacy by others whether it’s real or perceived.

In fact, many times it is perceived but one can’t always explain that to the person doing the complaining. As many drones are consumer level, selfie type drones or cheap toys, it helps to explain 5 reasons why drones are not spying on you.


  1. Very few drones have zoom or telephoto lens. In fact, many of these drones have a wide angle lens so, in order to get that shot, you have to fly super close to make it happen.
  2. As you have to fly a distance of 1m (3ft) from the window to see anything else in the
    house, you are in danger of crashing your drone into a structure and therefore increases your chances of getting caught. You are still much better off with binoculars.
  3. In order to get a drone that could be more conducive to spying, better prepare to spend 10s of thousands of dollars. If you are willing to spend that much, chances are you are buying for more professional reasons. Wouldn’t it be odd to spend that much and ultimately get caught and going to jail for drone spying? There have to be easier ways to get tossed into the big house.
  4. Why go through all that high tech when all one has to do is to check out the social media profile? Nothing quite invades privacy like the person willing to give it up all so we can know where they went for lunch.
  5. You are just not that interesting. Seriously… nobody cares.

Of course, the threat to privacy is something that should be addressed. Drones can be as good or as bad as the people who pilot them. What should be common sense is not always so common. The real idea is always to survey the area to make sure you are not intending any type of flying in an area that could be considered a violation of privacy. If you fly a drone, you are a diplomat for drone pilots everywhere. It is best to leave a good impression.

What do you think about drone spying? 


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