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DJI N3- New generation of Naza Flight Controller




DJI products keep coming and coming. New generation of flight controllers is here! DJI N3. It’s been few years since DJI made their last affordable flight controller NAZA V2, which was one of the most popular FC of that time.

“Now we can get affordable controller for 379$. It is  actually the same price as the Naza V2 three years ago. “


-Why DJI would launch this product when the whole market is on RTH drones now?
-To sell more DJI products!

Look what they are trying to do:
1. Customer buys a N3 for only $379
2. Then he can get 1080 video feed on mobile! BUT it’s only compatible with Lightbridge
-OK +$1000
3. Now you would like to play with Sport Mode? Alright, you can do it but for the best       compatibility we recommend using DJI Propulsion system like E305 or Snail. Pay more!
4. Eventually customer ends up upgrading to A3 and spending far more than initial 379$.

So the DJI N3 mostly made to stimulate the sales of the other products like Lightbridge 2 and propulsion systems. However the best thing is the integration of DJI GO. It’s all in one app for almost every DJI Product. And now even your DIY drone with DJI N3 flight controller can be used with DJI Go.

Overall DJI is doing a great job with all of their products. Hope they start shipping this FC very soon (not like Mavic Pro) and we will build a custom drone with DJI N3.

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