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DJI Mavic Flight Test- Pure Hardcore!




We have all seen them before. Test flights on Youtube to see how our favorite drones will react under extreme and unreal circumstances. Chinese folks from HeyDrones took an excerpt of Mavic flight test and show you the highlights:

Darn Stupid Props not working correctly

First up: the Prop Test. Yes, this has happened to any of us in a hurry. Test indicates that the Mavic will not fly properly if all four motors are not working. The mighty Mavic can best fly when props are put on correctly. Lesson learned: Take your time and put the props on properly and you won’t have to worry about whether the Mavic will fly with all four motors.

When the Mavic Does not need a Drink of Water

What would the point of a Mavic flight test be without a water bottle attachment? Not to be labeled as the Oliver Twist of drones, the Mavic demonstrates that it has rejected the water bottle test. Still, who can be disappointed with an under two pound drone lifting up a water bottle many times its own weight?  Stability starts off well but soon enough it is obvious that the Mavic is handicapped by the new-found weight. With a quick landing soon afterwards, playing fetch with a water bottle will not be on top of the Mavic list of fun things to do anytime soon.

Mavic flight test

The Sensors Test. The Trees Endure, So Does the Drone

Seeing how the Mavic is loaded up with sensors, the only next challenge is to see how it will fly against a tree. It did stop and remained steady and stationary with the tree. Even when sensors were off and it collided into a tree and crashes into the ground, the Mavic handled like a true pro. It was able to crash onto the ground and get back up with no problems. What was great about the part of this Mavic flight test was it flipping in mid-air and getting back up again.

The Mavic Sings in the Rain/ The Indoor Flight Challenge

This is where the Mavic Flight Test invokes both Fred Astaire and Vin Diesel in Fast in Furious. What was incredible was the way the Mavic handled on cloudy and rainy days. We don’t recommend this at home (no hate letters please) as these conditions are subjective. Still good to know under certain circumstances, the Mavic remained stable in ways past drone test would of failed. GPS remains amazing in underground, concrete areas. Still no temptation to crash into a barrier. Without a shadow of doubt, the sensors are the strongest part of the Mavic’s technological makeup.   

DJI Mavic Rain flight

Apparently DJI Mavic can fly even in the worst conditions, but don’t you take this as a recommendation! Please don’t do all that bad stuff to your Mavic!

by Ben Walford

Fly Safe! 



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