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DJI’s New Zenmuse X7 Lens System!




zenmuse x7

The DJI Zenmuse X7 camera was officially unveiled today, and it is a compact Super 35 camera than can shoot videos up to 6K! The Zenmuse X7 lens system is compatible with four different DJI carbon fiber lenses. The new camera is made for the Inspire 2, and its upgraded sensor has improved low-light performance with better image capturing capabilities over the X5S camera. The Zenmuse X7 was designed for professional film makers, and it was dubbed by DJI as ” the next level of aerial cinematography.”


The Zenmuse X7 is a 24 MP camera that can shoot Super 35mm size videos. It has 14 stops of dynamic range, and it can record 6K 30fps videos in CinemaDNG and 5.2K 30fps videos in Apple ProRes formats. The X7 supports CineCore 2.1, which can shoot 59.94fps videos at a resolution of 2704×1520 in the Apple ProRes 422 HQ format. CineCore 2.1 on the X7 camera has less artifacts, less noise and greater details compared to the older CineCore 2.0 on the X5S camera.

Zenmuse X7 Lens

The X7 also has a dark level correction system and EI mode, which makes matching with others cameras easier. Continuous DNG burst shots are supported with 20.8 MP images. It has a photo ISO range of 100-25600. It’s video ISO range with EI mode on is 100-1600, and it’s ISO range with EI mode off is 100-6400. It’s sensor size for stills is 23.5 x 15.7mm, while its max sensor size for videos is 23.5 x 12.5mm. The X7 camera alone weights 449 grams, which gives the Inspire 2 a 23 minute flight time.

Zenmuse X7 Lens

Zenmuse X7 Lens System

The Zenmuse X7 lens system is compatible with different DJI made lenses. The X7 supports four different DL/DL-S lenses of varying focal lengths. All four lenses have a maximum aperture of F28. The DL-S 16mm lens has a built-in ND filter. The DL 24mm, DL 35mm and the DL 50mm all have leaf shutters. The lenses are made with carbon fiber, and each one approximately weights ±180 grams.

Zenmuse X7 Lens

Price & Availability

The Zenmuse X7 camera itself costs $2699. The 16mm, 24mm and the 35mm lenses all costs $1299 separately, but the 50mm lens costs $1,199. All four lenses can be purchased as a bundle for $4299, which saves buyers $797 if the lenses are purchased separately. The Zenmuse X7 will be shipped in November 2017 from DJI’s online store. Worldwide DJI flagship stores and authorized dealers will also have them in stock in November.

zenmuse x7 lens zenmuse x7 lens

X7 CinemaDNG sample files can be downloaded on DJI’s official website.


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