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Winning Drone Photos From The 2017 Dronestagram Contest




Dronestagram Winners

Dronestagram hosted an aerial drone photography contest with partners from the likes of Kodak and National Geographic. Dronestagram is the Instagram of drone photos and videos, and they have been doing this annual contest since 2014. There were three different categories to choose from: nature, people, and urban. The Dronestagram contest ranked first, second, and third place winners for each of the three categories. With thousands of photos submitted from all over the world, judges from National Geographic and the team at Dronestagram chose these respective photos as the winners of their 2017 International Drone Photography Contest:

Dronestagram Contest Category: Nature

1st Place: Provence, Summer Trim by J Courtial

 Dronestagram contest - Provence Summer

2nd Place: Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan

 Dronestagram contest - Infinite Road to Transylvania

3rd Place: Ice Formation by Florian

 Dronestagram Ice Formation

Dronestagram Contest Category: People

1st Place: End of the Line by Martin Sanchez

 Dronestagram End of the Line

2nd Place: Waterlily by Helios1412

 Dronestagram Waterlily

3rd Place: La Vijanera by Feelingmovie

 Dronestagram La Vijanera

Dronestagram Contest Category: Urban

1st Place: Concrete Jungle by Bachirm

 Dronestragram Concrete Jungle

2nd Place: Dawn on Mercy Tower by Alexeygo

 Dronestagram Dawn on Mercy Tower

3rd Place: Peace by Luckydron

 Dronestagram Peace by Luckydron

Dronestagram Extra Contest Category: Creativity

This category is an added category that did not have ranked winners, and Dronestragram added, “We have decided to create this year a special category, named “Creativity” to reward the amazing creativity of our talented community.” It is unclear if the photographers who shot these photos received a prize, but they definitely deserve the attention for their unique aerial creativity.

Two Moo by LukeMaximoBell

 Dronestagram Two Moo by LukeMaximoBell

Ugo Le Marin by Rga

 Dronestagram Ugo Le Marin by Rga

Next Level by Macareuxprod

 Dronestagram Next Level by Macareuxprod

Dronestagram Contest Prizes

The first place of nature, people, and urban categories received a brand new DJI Spark, a large print mounted on aluminum with a Plexiglas cover from an online photo laboratory called Zeinberg, and a Homido Virtual Reality headset.

1st place dronestagram contest


The second place winners of each of the main three categories received a Kodak Pixpro SP 360 4K camera and one mini Plexi print from Zeinberg.

2nd place prize dronestagram


The third place winners of each of the main three categories received a drone backpack called Droneguard BP 450 AW and one mini Plexi print from Zeinberg.

third place prize dronestagram


Dronestagram Contest & More

If you have a drone and you are interested in joining a drone contest, you can wait a year for the next Dronestagram contest, or you can join Skypixel’s contest. Skypixel’s contest already started back on June 2, 2017, but it won’t end until August 2, 2017. If you have been saving your best drones shots, consider entering them into a drone contest like Dronestagram or Skypixel.


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